Sensa Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner -- Effective for My Daughter

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Since there are thousands of skin care products out there, we depend on endorsements and our own research when we choose products to use.

When my daughter was researching online for products to treat the pimples on her forehead, she chanced upon Sensa Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner being discussed and recommended by teens on forums. She bought one bottle and tried it together with other skin care products. Fortunately, this facial toner was good for her skin type,and it was effective with her.

As many people have experienced, the effectiveness of skin care products oftentimes depends on skin type and on the kind of pimples being treated. On the label of this Sensa Tea Tree Oil, it says that it's an anti-blemish moisturizing pH balanced facial toner. In my daughter's case, it really is a moisturizing toner.

If you're looking for a product to solve your skin care problem, try this tea tree oil facial toner. 

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Warning: The product is for external use only. Stop using the product if irritations occur. 

C.Y. Gabriel Soap -- Effective and Super Affordable

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I've heard about C.Y. Gabriel soaps before when I was younger. I also see them while looking at soap displays in supermarkets.

I started using them when my neighbor gushed about its effectiveness in removing pimples and other dirt-like growths on the face. Because I wasn't yet sure about C.Y. Gabriel, I bought the basic one -- the C.Y. Gabriel Special Pink, and true enough, the soap made my face smoother.

I've read on forums that the soap is effective, but it dries the skin. I found out that there's some truth to it, so what I do is not to use the soap every day. Other days, I use mild soaps or moisturizing soaps such as Dove or baby soaps.

With its very affordable price and good result, C.Y. Gabriel is definitely a good buy.

Today, there are now 13 C.Y. Gabriel products on the market:

CY Gabriel Special Pink 60g
CY Gabriel Purewhite 135g
CY Gabriel Special Pink 135g
CYG Squalane Plus Papaya 135g
CY Gabriel Special Green (Medicated) 60g
CYG Green Papaya 60g
CY Gabriel Special Green (Medicated) 135g
                                         CYG Glutathione With Milk Extract
                                         CY Gabriel Papaya 60g
                                         CYG Glutathione With Citrus Extract
                                         CY Gabriel Papaya 135g
                                         CYG Kojic with Glutathione
                                         CY Gabriel Lemon 60g

You can buy these soaps at nearly all supermarkets, drugstores and other types of retail stores.

Tinnitus -- The Ringing in My Father's Ears

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My father is now 83 years old. For nearly three years in his late 70s, he had two illnesses -- ear ringing and body itching -- that pained not only him but also us, his children. The body itching didn't let him sleep. Even though we took turns in scratching, patting, striking or massaging his body, he could only sleep for a while, and then wakes again because of the itch.

There were even times I asked God to take him and let him rest in his bosom if the itching doesn't stop, as I couldn't bear seeing him suffer. Years later, he recovered from this illness because of his belief in God, but it's another story, as the focus of this article is on ear ringing.

My father also suffered incessant ringing in his ears, but he suffered quietly. He didn't see it as an illness; he didn't even know that there's a name for it. I myself previously didn't know that other people has it, that it's a disease, and that it's called tinnitus. My father thought that the condition was unique to him, or that everyone who went through the same situations as my father's has ringing in the ears.

I came to know that he's suffering from tinnitus when I chanced upon an article on ringing of the ears. It was then I realized that it's an illness, but I didn't tell my father. I realized also immediately that a big part of handling tinnitus is not to be too conscious of its existence.

Like the disappearance of his itching, the disappearance of my father's tinnitus is also credited to God's mercy. This is not to say that if itching and tinnitus are not cured in some cases, there's no mercy from God. It's all case to case. Different situations, different ways of receiving healing, different times of receiving God's mercy.